With Honor Fund II is a cross-partisan organization. We help elect principled next-generation veterans in order to solve our biggest problems and fix a Congress that is dysfunctional.

Veterans are answering the call to serve again and running for Congress. These next-generation veterans face significant obstacles to running since the cost of a campaign can be prohibitive for veterans without affluent networks.

We will support a select group of veteran candidates who take The Pledge to put principles before politics and lead with civility, integrity, and courage, including the courage to meet with a Member from an opposing party once a month and sponsor legislation with colleagues on both sides of the aisle once a year.


Our mission is to elect principled next-generation veterans to office who will work in a cross-partisan way to create a more effective and less polarized government.


Our vision is a government that works for and is trusted by Americans, where principled veterans represent a significant percentage of elected positions at all levels.

“Things aren’t working, and there needs to be a change in attitude and philosophy and outlook in people serving in Congress… Polarization has led to paralysis.”

– Former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Robert Gates